What is the difference between Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies?

Persistent Cook …

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Author: Neeks

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cookies?

Advantage …

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What is Cookie Dictionary?

A cookie dictio …

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What is the use of @@TRANCOUNT in SQL Server?

Returns the num …

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Author: Raja

State Machine Work flow Discussion

This is a nice talk between Mr. RC and Mr. Shiv about state machine work flow. RC starts talking about an order project and they end up in a nice discussion which gives us step by step approach of how to execute a state machine work flow. This article was written in a straight half & hour session so please excuse for my English as it’s my second language and for any spelling mistakes..so guys enjoy State machines.

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Author: Questpond

What is Partial Class?

Partial …

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Author: Arun151969

Explain about the relationship of XML and ADO.NET?

ADO.NET utilize …

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Name some of the top level objects which ADO consists?

1. Connection o …

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Explain about Data access objects or DAO?

DAO is used for …

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how you can rename a database ?

o rename a data …

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